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Concert Dress

For Women:

  • Solid black bottom and black top

  • Solid black pants/slacks, skirts or dresses that are no more than a few inches off the floor (no capri-length or shorter) No Leggings

  • Solid black tops with modest necklines, no open backs and sleeves no higher than elbows, no hoodies

  • Solid black shoes (no open toes)

  • Nude or solid black stockings or socks

  • No see-through material, no low cut necklines or open backs, no high slit skirts or dresses

  • No shiny, large, flashy clothing embellishments or jewelry


Southeastern Performance Apparel offers a several dresses at a reasonable price.

For Men:

  • Solid black dress pants

  • Solid white dress shirt with long sleeves and collar

  • Solid black suit jacket or sports jacket, no hoodies

  • Solid black bow tie, provided by the band. You may provide your own. Replacement ties are approximately $5. See our Rehearsal/Concert Administrator who manages bow ties as needed

  • Solid Black dress shoes and solid black socks

  • No shiny, large, flashy clothing embellishments or jewelry

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