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History and Philosophy

Founded by the noted band director, musicologist and educator, Dr. Henry Melnik, the band held its first rehearsal on September 26, 1967 at the Meadowbrook School, Eatontown, NJ. Through the cooperation and enthusiastic support of the Eatontown Board of Education, the band continues to enjoy this hospitality.

Over the years the band has performed mostly in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. However, our travels have taken us to places such as Nanuet, New York, Pemberton, New Jersey and Europe. I would like to personally thank all our sponsors, patrons and businesses that have generously donated to the band. We are truly grateful.

Thanks to the people of the Greater Shore Area communities for their warm acceptance of the band. We offer our services to all bonafide organizations to perform for them in concert as a fundraising vehicle. It is advisable that interested organizations reserve the services of the band well in advance.

Our basic objective is to unite interests and talents of all our instrumentalists, students and adults, in "making music together" for the listening pleasure of music lovers. Our common denominator, regardless of age is that all players exercise their best efforts; to have fun while playing challenging music of all periods and styles; and to communicate this enjoyment by rendering inter-community cultural service. Ours is a "labor of love" for good music.

As a practical application of the idiom "unity in diversity," our personnel is made up of players of all ages, many professions and vocations including doctors, lawyers, band directors, engineers, teachers, homemakers, businesspersons and middle school, high school and college students. We are oblivious of any so-called "generation gap."

While selecting music, my aim is to program such a diversification of Classical, Romantic and Contemporary music as I hope will find "personal appeal for everyone" in our audiences of whatever age and taste.

Such deep dedication, unity of purpose, warm fellowship, mutual respect and genuine love of music which characterizes the membership of this band, both young and old, make me proud to be their director.

The band calendar year extends from September to May. Player applications may apply for membership at any time of the year.


Mr. James R. Bast - Director

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