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Rehearsal Policy

The band meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:50 PM (SHARP) to approximately 8:30 PM at The Margaret L. Vetter School at 3  Grant Avenue in Eatontown, NJ when school is in session. Early is on time, and on time is late.

Rehearsals for the 2024 fall/winter concert season start in early September and last until the final fall/winter concert. The band takes a hiatus during the winter holiday season, and begins spring rehearsals in January for our final concerts in April and May.

Several rehearsals each season will dedicate time with our vocal soloist, David. Those rehearsal evenings will be full band rehearsal form 6:50 PM to around 8:00 PM at which time those who do not accompany David are excused. Rehearsal will continue with David and those accompanying him until around 8:30.

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