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Joining The Band

The band is always interested in new members.


  • The ability to play a musical instrument. As a concert band, this includes:

    • Woodwinds:

      • Flutes

      • Piccolos

      • Clarinets

      • Saxophones

      • Oboes

      • Bassoons

    • Brass:

      • Trumpets

      • French Horns

      • Trombones

      • Baritones

      • Tubas

    • Percussion:

      • Bass Drum

      • Snares

      • Tympani

      • Bells

      • Other various percussion instruments

    • String Bass

  • The ability to read music.

  • Supplying your own instrument with the exception of percussion.

  • Supplying your own music stand for rehearsal and most concerts.

  • Providing for your own concert dress.

  • A possible audition, which is up to the discretion of the director.

How To Join

The band calendar year extends from September to May. Player applicants may apply for membership at any time of the year by contacting the Band Personnel Administrator or send e-mail to the band.

Or simply stop by and sit in on a rehearsal.

We may ask new potential members to wait until the next season to join when we are close to the performance portion of the current season.

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