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Privacy Policy Statement

The band takes every effort to protect your e-mail address. This includes the following:

  • E-mail addresses are used only to send information, such as concert reminders. We will not use these e-mail addresses for spamming purposes.

  • E-mail addresses will not be shared with third parties.

  • E-mail addresses will not be stored on our internet site, and therefore are not available to web crawlers. They will be stored in a Microsoft-Word file on the web administrator's home PC. E-mail addresses will be transferred to the mail tool via manual cut-and-paste techniques.

  • E-mail will be sent via the BCC feature, so recipients will not see the e-mail addresses of others. (NOTE: Since this is a manual process, there is the possibility of a mistake due to human error.)

  • An E-mail address will be removed from any distribution list upon request.

If you are uncomfortable with any part of this privacy statement, then please do not register your e-mail address with the band.

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